Zurich – Early summer feeling…

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…or at least the deepest wish for sunny weather – hopefully soon again! Because the weather forecast for tomorrow? Snow – in May? Seriously? Hm, acutally I am more into summer now than having the winter back again. 

Or better said, I was more in the summer mood when I shot these pictures last week at The Dolder Grand with beautiful sunshine and warm weather. The perfect conditions to spend a day in the spa to just relax and recharge. 

Even better when there is a spa where you also have outdoor pools and even more important an outdoor living area where you can sunbath and soak up the sun to make sure you have enough sun to survive any upcoming colder and grey days. And what makes the day even more perfect? When you can relax in the sun overlooking a beautiful scenery like the lake of Zurich and even up to the snowy mountains. Oh wait! No snow please - well yes, to look at it from the distance it’s ok. 

Lately, I caught myself several times stopping and starring into the landscape and you know what I was thinking: It is so beautiful here in my home country and I appreciate to be able to live here. I mean I love travelling the world to see different places and cultures, which are beautiful too of course. But sometimes we forget that the beauty lies so close and we don’t have to travel far in order to be happy and satisfied. 

Just go out and open your eyes. Let the beautiful nature in your neighborhood inspire you. It may give you energy, power and happiness, even in the colder and grey days. 

Location: The Dolder Grand, Zurich

Take care & write you soon...



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