Zurich – when you discover new places…

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…in your home town of which you thought you know almost every corner. Sometimes, when I am planning the next content shoots I am quite struggling with finding new ideas of locations where to shoot the next projects.

It can be a challenge sometimes, to come up with new creative ideas and new places and new  stylish outfits. I mean, on the other hand that is what makes my job interesting and what I absolutely love about it. To plan and to do the creative direction on my own and to hopefully create inspiring content in the end. 

But as in every job and especially in every creative job, you have some days when you are not creative at all. That’s totally fine. You have to accept, that you can’t come up with always extraordinary ideas. And I think if it’s the case one time, then it helps if you talk to other people to get inspired by even just random talks, not even about the topic itself. 

And sometimes, there are days where I am very creative and productive and come up with new ideas of new projects, locations and photo spots very easily. Such as with this one at the river. I mean I knew the location or I was at least passing by several times already, but I never came up with the idea to take a picture there. And that’s a shame, because in my opinion the pictures came out very well. 

Moreover, by taking the pictures there and having a coffee break, I even found a cute little restaurant where I haven’t been yet and I definitely have to visit soon. So even if you sometimes think you are stuck with something or you are not coming up with new ideas. Don’t give up and don’t be too focused on that. Just do something differently or take another approach and you will see that you will find new ideas and spots of places or in moments you least thought of.

And I am already curious to discover my city even more to find amazing places and spots I haven’t been before. Yes, I always say traveling and getting to know different places and cultures opens up your horizon, but sometimes it’s also about being creative in common and familiar places. 

Take care & write you soon…



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