Zurich – Daydreaming until…

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…you wake up in a comfy kingsize-bed in a beautiful hotel suite. But where am I? In which city? What place? You probably know the feeling of daydreaming, letting your thoughts float away and suddenly you’re back to reality.

In my case, my photographer was knocking at my shoulder: “Steven, we need to continue with our shooting!” Oh yes, I wasn’t somewhere in nowhere on vacation to relax, I was in that comfy hotel bed for work. Sounds kinda hard, doesn’t it? Only lying in the bed not for the purpose of sleeping or relaxing but taking some pictures instead.

Ok, I won’t complain. I love my work (you already know that) and I appreciate the opportunity I have (you know that, too) to discover new places, to see locations what others might don’t and meeting interesting people. So it’s not that hard as it sounds and just got described. To me, it’s even very interesting to visit and check out new hotels, for example. And I love being in hotels and especially sleeping and (day-)dreaming in comfy hotel beds. As much as I travel, it’s better if I do so. But I often hear many people complain about sleeping in hotel beds. I don’t – I just love it.

So, I woke up out of my daydream and we continued with our shooting and it was a pleasure to spend the time in this luxurious hotel suite, even if it was for working.

Location: Hotel Storchen, Zurich

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