You can wear black…

Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

… at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. These are strong words from one of the most important men in the whole fashion industry: Christian Dior. And I’m sure that no one can find one word against the facts he’s pointing out.

Black may not be chosen as a special trend color each season again but still you can see this color within so many outfits all over the worlds’ leading fashion weeks. So it seems as if black is a long-time trend color just without putting any emphasis on it. And I need to say that I love black. Sure, I love the colorful way as well but it is easier to form an eye catcher with these different vibrant trend colors. Getting an eye catcher with black clothes definitely needs some more (unless you’re a woman and you’ve got your little black dress anyway).

It’s also obvious, that the trend colors I’ve written about some weeks ago are way more noticeable on the streets. However, black is simply the one color with which you’re always dressed perfectly. You don’t have to think about combining it properly, what to add in terms of accessories or think about whether it matches your age or not. You may state that a wardrobe full of black stuff might be boring – but I guess it’s only about what you’re making out of it. Add different pairs of shoes, different jewelry and play around with the style of the jacket you want to wear. The opportunities are as endless as wearing a specific elected “trend color”.

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