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…so unpopular among a lot of people and therefore often neglected. But the legs are one of the most important muscle groups to work out because they’re one of the biggest of our body. So, if you have well-built leg muscles it helps to increase the level of the overall fat burning process. The bigger the muscles the more you burn. The more you can eat. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And in addition, please be serious guys, a well-built upper body and skinny chicken legs just don’t look good. Don’t you agree?

However, I love working out my legs although it’s one of my hardest training. But after completing it, it feels just great despite the fact that I almost can’t walk anymore. If you want to know the secret of my leg workout please read the following description of my exercises and check the video tutorial I just shot for you.

My Leg workout routine:

Warm-up: I always do a little cardio session of 5-10 minutes on a slow pace which is important to warm-up the muscles.

1. Exercise: Squats wide feet position

3 sets à 10 reps

2. Exercise: Squats regular feet position

3 sets à 10 reps

3. Exercise: Squats narrow feet position

3 sets à 10 reps

  • Variation at the leg press instead of the free weight squats.

4. Exercise: Back-Kick Lunges

3 sets à 10 reps each leg.

5. Exercise: Leg Extension

  1. Set wide feet position à 10 reps.
  2. Set narrow feet position à 10 reps.
  3. Set regular feet position à 10 reps.

6. Exercise: Leg Curls

3 sets à 10 reps

7. Hip abduction

3 sets à 10 reps

  • Variation: do the exercise not seated but squatted instead to increase the level of difficulty.

The important thing is not to use the most weight compared to others. Just use as much weight as needed to challenge yourself and so you can do 8-10 reps. As soon as you can do more reps you should increase the weight. But it’s more important to do the exercise in a right way than being the man or woman lifting the most.

Therefore, enjoy your workout and let me know whenever you have an idea for one of the next video tutorials or blog posts. I always appreciate a feedback and some inputs from your side.

Take care & write you soon..



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