A wonderful dream (holidays are coming)...

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«There's a source of inspiration in the air. Let the magic dry your tears and heal your heart. A wonderful dream of love and peace for everyone. Of living our lives in perfect harmony. A wonderful dream of joy and fun for everyone. To celebrate a life where all are free.»

I guess that’s one of the most famous songs during Christmas time and to be honest one of my personal favorites. Even if you just read the lyrics, I think everyone is recognizing the song I’m talking about. Released in 2001, getting famous due to Coca Cola campaigns, and still the saddest ending for this talented young woman. However her voice and the song are still living and will live forever. And I’m happy to hear the song every year again and again. For me, it’s not like listening to Whams’ “Last Christmas” or Michael Bublés’ “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” (or even “Jingle Bells” or “Silent Night”) – they are all timeless as well, but just… different. It may be because of the lyrics. It’s not that trashy because it just says the meaning of what the Christmas days should be like. Simply a «wonderful dream of love and peace for everyone». Usually, just the opposite is happening – and that’s incredibly sad. We are stressed, not only during this time, but always. Take the time during these days and focus on yourself and your beloved ones. Think about where you want to go, whom you want to give your time or share your time with and which people may need your help.

In this context, I want to thank you for all your lovely support throughout the year and I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas among your family and friends. Let it be the great and peaceful days of the year, which they’ve meant to be. No complicated discussions, no fights, just share the love. And to all of you, who may be the lucky ones on holiday – enjoy your time wherever you might heading to.

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