Let’s get into that winter mood…

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…dressed up all in shades of blue. For sure one of my favorite color when it comes to clothing. For men in general, I would say. That’s why most of the designer and brands focus on blue in their men’s fashion collection. 

But why tend men to wear blue preferably in their outfits and styles? Well, difficult to say and I can only make assumptions here. Black, white and grey, well these are the basic colors which go in every style and outfit, therefor easy to match and also most worn by men. But wearing only these colors, which aren’t real colors in the case of black and white, if we want to be precise, would be too boring. So the man came up with an all changing color like blue, preferably in darker shades. And I think it’s obvious to see why. Blue isn’t that far away from black or grey, it’s still a decent color, calm and unexcitedly. But still it gives a different touch and colorful highlight to an outfit.

So with blue you can set fashionable highlights in your outfit but it’s still a manly color. Strong, deep, stabile, trustworthy, faithful, confident, loyal, wise and heavenly – these are all attributes what the color blue symbolizes. It’s indeed a good color to wear in business but also in private life since it has a calming effect on the body and mind. 

Anyways, I told you that blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and it’s very nice to combine different shades like on the pictures below. And can we talk about the blue shade of this stylish vest? Absolutely love this color. However, on the other hand, if you know me, you know that I don’t give much about stigmatizing. Therefore, although there are some preferred colors when it comes to men’s fashion, I strongly believe that everyone should wear what he or she likes the most and I am absolutely a big fan of trying out different styles, sizes, patterns and of course colors. 

Because wearing just one color is nice and stylish for a certain outfit, but not for your complete wardrobe, that would be just too boring. So go out and color up your life.

Outfit: GANT

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