Winter time doesn’t need to be…

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…grey all the time. At least not when it comes to fashion. I don’t have to mention that only wearing dark colors is quite boring. So it’s time to lighten up the grey and dark days with some fashion it-pieces with different colors and patterns. 

And you can do this with a classic look as good as with a casual look. Just go beyond your usual habits and be brave with trying a new pattern and color for your pants. The bottom part doesn’t always have to be the darker one. You can also switch it the other way round and combine light colored pants with a darker top. I especially love this classic combination with the plaid pants in a beige color and the dark green turtleneck. And you know me, I love to wear turtleneck in winter anyways, but this one in this different color, I love even more. 

And to round up the outfit just add some cool chelsea boots in this dark brown color and a machting dark coat. In my opinion it’s a perfect winter fashion combination. 

And also the casual look is quite cool, indeed. Blue is always cool and my favorite fashion color, you know! So I found this stylsih bomber jacket and thought to style an outfit with this it-piece given. And I wanted to go bright and shiny and combine almost an outfit in all blue. With the light blue jeans here, again the bottom part is the lighter one and it’s perfectly fine. Add some cool blue accessories like the sunglasses and the beanie and some white sneakers and you’re ready for a cool winter weekend in the city

Outfit 1: Zalando Classic
Outfit 2: Zalando Trendy

Take care & write you soon…



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