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I’m not that sad, that I missed this last weekend in Switzerland. Winter has arrived in my home country. Mother Hulda was quite happy to let it snow many many centimeters in the whole area I’m living in. There were so many accidents (happy to hear about mostly car damages and nothing more serious), dangerous street conditions, limited sight, and delay everywhere. Train, car rides and airplanes, too. I was not able to fly back from Madrid on Sunday night due to the weather conditions in Zurich. We all know that weather is one of the most unpredictable and unswayable things.

The only funny and interesting thing about the whole snow topic is: Switzerland is one of the countries, which is used to snow (each year from November to March). Or at least should be. It’s not a phenomenon here as we can notice it year after year. But still, it always hits us and media treat it as something new and unknown. Sure, not everyone loves to drive during these weather conditions and that’s absolutely fine. There’s always a trace on the right side and no one should judge anyone for feeling more scared and driving slower. But sticking to summer tires, driving too fast or/and too close is simply irresponsible. I think it’s better to slow down a bit more and not to risk anything.

Apart from that, let’s be honest - fresh, new snow in these landscapes we’ve got here in Switzerland just looks amazing. It always reminds me some kind of directly out of a storybook. That’s the beautiful part of our winter here. I can’t wait to show you some more winter photos during the next days and weeks and cool winter styles to be ready for the snow, such as an outfit combined around this black leather jacket.

Leather jacket: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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