Winter is in the air...

Outfit: Scotch&Soda

I definitely prefer the lovely summer months over the cold and dull winter season. Not because I don’t like the scenery or the colors only because I prefer warm temperatures. When you ask me about the feeling, the smell and the colors from November to February, the answer is almost as positive as the one for the summer months. It is just... different.

Walking through the streets in Zurich, which are directly at the water and seeing the beautiful scenery with small bridges and the houses at the other side of the river (and in a few weeks maybe some snow on the rooftops) – this is just priceless. The time now makes it all really dull but the light and the atmosphere is fascinating. There’s the smell of chestnuts in the air, the shops are changing their interior for the christmas weeks and so on. I love to see all these changes, even if it is freezing cold. To see the different seasons on the photos is really beautiful, isn’t it? No filter needed to show the nature.

With the change of seasons there are coming new collections and trends in every industry. I’ve seen the new collections for Spring/Summer 2017 for some brands already. And I love to have the opportunity to see what is going to be different, which styles are going to celebrate a „revival“ or won’t last, which colors are going to be the trend-setters and so on. Long before it can be seen in the stores.

According to the fashion weeks, yellow or as they say „spicy mustard“ is seen as one of the most vibrant colors for the time we’re in now. It is clearly not the sunny yellow we admire for spring season but that’s just why it works for the upcoming months. The coat I’ve been wearing here goes in this direction even if it is not the exact same nuance they are talking about. And THIS is why I love what I’m doing. There is no right, no wrong, no exact rule but there’s a lot of creativity and so many different opportunities. You just need to love what you wear, I guess that’s the most important point.

Outfit: Scotch & Soda, Rämistrasse 6, 8001 Zürich
Jewelry: BaliBay

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