Will you be my… friend?

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Right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you may ask yourself why I just don’t write the popular question “Will you be my Valentine?” The answer is simple. For me, Valentine’s Day is more than a day for couples only. I could be a Finn because Finland seems to be the only country, which’s got a quite different and unique interpretation of this day. And I really like it. Finns call Valentine’s Day “Ystävänpäivä”, Friend’s Day. They decided to include all people into this day, may it be your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and sure, your sweetheart as well.

We all know Valentine’s Day as the day for flowers and other gifts. But I see it as one of the days that remind us to do one thing: tell (and maybe show) the ones you love that you love them. Don’t expect them to know it anyway. This is the reason why I agree with Finns. Absolutely no one should feel somehow like excluded or sad. It’s a day for couples for sure but also for family members and good friends. Love lies everywhere and each one of these relationships is love, just in different kinds.

When it comes to gifts for this day, the opportunities are endless. However, I guess rings are one of the most favored gifts for this event, next to flowers. Getting an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day may sound like a typical too romantic Hollywood movie, but it’s still a good moment. But please gentlemen (and ladies); don’t make this kind of gift if you’re not planning to marry your sweetheart during the next months or if you’re changing your mind directly after it. Then better go for a single ring for her/him, which is also a nice variation. In general, rings are always a good idea. For your best friend, your sister, your mum – all of them are going to love it.

So whatever your situation may look like – enjoy this day and many others, because the sense of this day, to show your beloved ones how much you love them, should not be limited to one day only but be followed throughout the year. And in any case: use the question I’ve mentioned in the beginning. Because we all know that real, loyal and kind friends are a valuable and often long-lasting gift and should be appreciated. And if your sweetheart is also your best friend, well, you’ve got the jackpot. But you need to let her/him know.

In this case, will you be my friend?

Jewelry: Rhomberg

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