Into the wild...

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…this exactly how I felt when taking these pictures at the beautiful location called “Affenschlucht” in Neftenbach, which is near Winterthur in the Canton of Zurich. The past days I showed you some photos of this wonderful location and former hidden spot, which gets more and more famous. 

Anyhow, in my opinion it is worth to travel there and spend a day or afternoon in the nature, to take a bath in the natural whirlpool or just to relax in the shadow. As for example today on this sunny Sunday, I could need it the most. 

As you might have seen or already know, yesterday was the “Streetparade” in Zurich. It’s the world’s biggest techno event and about 1 million people were dancing in the streets around the lake to the beats of national and international DJ’s. And yes, like every year, I was part of that big event, because I just love the good music and vibes there and to celebrate a party for love, tolerance and freedom. Where everyone can come as they are. 

So far so good, but today, I definitely feel like having a full day of relaxation and nothing else to do than lying somewhere in the beautiful nature and daydreaming and taking a swim from time to time. So after every “going wild” there needs to be a calm down into the wild. Because our body needs to recharge and get back the energy lost the day before, no matter if it was because of partying, sports, work or whatever is exhausting the body. 

Therefore, don’t only plan the activities which get your body exhausted but also the recovery time, which is so important. 

I wish you all a happy and relaxing Sunday. 

Take care & write you soon…



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