When with Zalando casual meets classic…

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…fashionable and stylish outfits are guaranteed. And more sooner than later, fall is around the corner. The temperatures are getting colder and our clothes warmer. I mean, we still have some beautiful and even warm days ahead.

But it’s high time to look into our wardrobes to find out if we are ready for the upcoming season. And of course, most probably we still have some old jumpers and jackets from the previous seasons in the wardrobe. That’s ok and we should definitely grab them out and hang it to the front, because soon it’s going to be much needed. 

However, at the same time, at least this is how I feel, I want to have something new, something trendy and fashionable for the new season. Something, I am ready for my casual days but also something for more formal occasions. And nowadays, what‘s the easiest way to shop an outfit? Yes right, you do some online-shopping while relaxing on the sofa. Sounds interesting and comfortable, no? 

Believe me, I did the same. Although I am also a fan of going shopping in the city. Where I can breathe in some fresh air and try on the clothes immediately. And more important, I want to take it with me right now, when decided for them. 

Anyways, even when ordering online, you are having them delivered quite fast. The next day the postman rings your bell and there we go your package full of new styles has arrived. 

Classic Look

When speaking about a classic fall outfit you could go for dark brown suit pants with a beige sweater and some caramel brown dress shoes. And on top of that the highlight of the outfit: the trench coat – it might be repetitive but it comes in fashion every fall again. But don’t go for the standard one in caramel or beige. Why don’t you try the dark blue option, with looks so stylish and younger at the same time. 

Casual Look

And for a more casual look you can’t go wrong with jeans. A denim on denim outfit with slim-fit jeans pants and a cool jeans hoodie-jacket and a plain white long sleeve shirt is an amazing option. Round it up with some dark blue sneakers and your sporty casual look is perfect. 

Welcome to the fall fashion and have fun combining your new styles for the upcoming season.

Outfit 1: Zalando Classic
Outfit 2: Zalando Casual

Take care & write you soon…



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