When the sun goes down… Goodbye 2016!

Outfit: Tigha

This time, when the year is coming to an end, it’s like watching a beautiful sunset. Seeing how the sun is slightly going down and disappearing behind the hills and a beautiful year is coming to an end. And then the day after a hopefully even much more beautiful one will arise.

It’s the time to look back after the past year and reflect on whether it was a successful and beautiful one or maybe a less pleased one with many challenges and obstacles. However, no matter if the year was rather good or less satisfying for you, always bear in mind that probably out there many people wish to have had the chance to live such a year as you did. Therefore we should appreciate every second of our life. Even if it sometimes gives you a hard time, maybe you’re struggling with something or someone, maybe you’re feeling lonely or don’t know if you’re following the right path. Just try to keep in mind, that in general you have a good life and count on the positive things in your life. May it be your family or friends or your job or whatever gives you the joy and sparkle in your eyes. Focus on the positive things and appreciate it and work on the ones which still need some improvement. Life is an endless learning process. Therefore it is more than logical that there always be failure and challenges to grow while accomplish them.

Reflecting myself and the past year I can luckily say that it was one of the best year in my life. I had a very successful year working as a model with many great jobs and possibilities to see exciting places and meeting interesting people and I also started finally with my blog which gives me the chance to exactly do what I like and let my creativity flow. And I am happy to see that the feedback is very positive on my work and the blog is growing so fast. In addition, I also can count on a beautiful and lovely family and friends who give me all the support I need. I really can’t complain about the past year and for me I can say, that it’s a beautiful sun which is going down in 2016 and hopefully there will a similar one rise the coming year. I don’t take it for granted having the chance to live such a life and do what I love the most and appreciate it a lot.

Therefore I want to THANK YOU all my friends for your wonderful and great support during the past year. I hope, you can also look back on a successful one and might become the coming year an even better one for you. All left to say is: Happy New Year and let’s make it a great one together!

Outfit: Tigha

Take care & write you soon…



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