When the pants get shorter...

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…it is a good indicator that summer must be around the corner. And yes we are spoiled with beautifully sunny and warm weather here in Zurich these days. I don’t need to tell you how much I love it and how much better the mood of the people is when the sun is shining.

We can say spring has finally arrived after a very long and hard winter with lots of snow and minus degrees. I mean, it’s also very beautiful to have winter time with the snowy landscapes but when there is enough, it’s enough. And I am so ready for spring and summer and can’t wait to spend the days and nights outdoors.

The question is now, is your wardrobe ready for spring? Or better asked: Do you know what to wear in this transitional season? When it is warm during the day but colder in the mornings and evenings? Good question, huh? But as you know me, I have a solution for you. And this time it doesn’t need to be complex.

I kept it simple with some ripped jeans shorts, which I love. In general, I love shorts because you just have more freedom in movement and it gives you the real summer feeling. And I combined it with a long sleeve corded sweater. Yes if you’ve been following my blog on a regular basis the sweater must be familiar to you. It’s the new white one I have which became one of my favorite pieces. The whole outfit has been consciously chosen in bright colors, perfect to get into that spring feeling and to look even more tanned.

And then put your best white sneakers on and a cool pair of sunglasses and you are all settled to enjoy those spring vibes.

Take care & write you soon..



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