When old meets new…

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…then we’re in a historic and beautiful city like Florence wearing the latest summer fashion by Esprit. I somehow like the mixture of these contrasts. On one side the wonderful background which tells so much history and let you feel like being part of it.

On the other side the new trendy summer outfit which fits perfectly the scenery and the hot temperatures. I decided to choose some bright and typical summer colors and I love the pastel turquois for the current season right now. It looks so fresh and let you even look more tanned. And don’t worry guys, in summer you can go for bright colors even for pants. Just make sure to combine it with some matching pieces on the top.

The striped tank top which has the same color like in the shorts is perfect for the hot summer days. And when it should get cooler in the nights, just put on your stylish short-sleeve shirt.

It’s just the perfect summer look with which you are prepared for any kind of summer days, from the colder rainy ones up to the sunny and hot ones. And since the weather is playing our game too, all we can do is to go outside and enjoy every single sun ray. Well, that’s at least my plan.

Happy sunny summer weekend!

Take care & write you soon...



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