When everything gets touched with…

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…a little bit of magic – then we are talking about sunsets. Well, at least I do. Because if you know me well, you know that I am a hopeless sunset lover. I’d say it’s my favorite time of the day. 

And I am a happy kid, especially when being in Greece, because they have such beautiful sunsets. That’s one thing I love the most about spending my vacation there, enjoying the last hours of sun at different spots watching the day saying goodbye and the night greeting. 

I don’t know what this fascination is all about, I guess it’s just the colorful spectacle mother nature offers. But I think more important it’s that time of the day to be thankful for what I have. To appreciate the little things in life and to be aware, that we humans are only a small part of this big world, although we sometimes take ourselves much more important than we are. I think it’s so impressive to see how our nature works, how stunning it can be if we only appreciate it. 

So for me, in the golden hour, the hour before the sunset, everything stands still for a moment. And everything gets touched with a little bit of orange, red and pink magic. It’s the moment I let my mind wander and just be happy for the little things, to be able to live such a wonderful life. 

What are your thoughts when watching a sunset?

Take care & write you soon…



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