When Christmas time turns into…

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…cozy coffee time. Then it’s because Nespresso introduces the new Limited Edition Variations Nordic – the perfect blend for the most beautiful time of the year. Yes, I know, but now it’s definitely time to say: Christmas is around the corner. The shops in the streets are having their Christmassy decoration and products already for far too long. 

But now I slowly get into the mood, since the temperatures are getting colder and the days darker. Actually the perfect time and occasion to spend some cozy days at home. Invite all your family and friends and enjoy delicious coffees and some Christmas cookies, ginger bread, nuts or chocolate. Especially during the last month of the year, it’s the time to come together with your beloved ones, to appreciate what you have and to spread the love. 

In Scandinavia they have even special names for the just described situation: «Hygge and Fika». «Hygge» has its origin in Norway and means something like well-being but became a Danish tradition for a cozy and warm atmosphere in which you enjoy the good things of life surrounded by lovely people. 

Whereas «Fika» is Swedish but has almost the same meaning like coming togehter with your loved ones and enjoying some kind of a time-out, at least once a day. And what belongs to a cozy get-together? You got it. A delicious coffee. 

And thanks to the Nespresso Limited Edition Variations Nordic, which got inspired by these Scandinavian «Hygge and Fika» trends, you get even more into that Christmas mood. And all you want to do is to spend as much time as possible with your beloved ones enjoying delicious high-quality coffee and having deep talks. 

Talking about coffee, let’s take a closer look on the new limited festive blends. My favorite one was clear from the very beginning. It’s the «Cinnamon Swirl» because I love cinnamon all year around but especially during Christmas season. And this one has tasty notes of brioche dough and cinnamon. For the ones with a sweeter tooth among us, I would recommend the «Vanilla Princess Cake» to indulge with the creamy vanilla taste, the marzipan sweetness and some hints of raspberries. Both of these new Nespresso coffees also go very well blended with milk, as well as the «Nordic Black». However, this one is also perfect to drink as a black coffee to unfold its smoothness and to taste the lingering cereal and biscuit notes.

And because Christmas is around the corner, the new Limited Edition Variations Nordic is not only the right choice for a coffee break with friends or family but also the perfect Christmas present for the coffee lovers among them. 

Coffee: Nespresso Limited Edition Variations Nordic

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