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…because it’s too hot lately here in Zurich. We are getting spoiled with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius in the past weeks and the sun is shining almost all day long. Which is perfect and I don’t want to complain about it. 

However, for the business people among us it’s kind of exhausting and annoying these days, I guess. Well, I don’t guess, I know it. As you might know, before I decided to focus on modeling, I worked for a bank. Means, I had to wear suits every day. And I tell you, wearing suits in summer, it’s terrible – at least for me. I sweated already in the mornings when I had to get to work by public transport. So what to do to get a little refreshment or to cool down?

Well, you could jump into a pool fully dressed and take a swim, like I did for these pictures. And I can tell you, it was a lot of fun and it felt a bit strange with all the clothes on. But I think the only thing you want to do is to cool off somehow and what’s the easiest way if there’s a pool around? Just jump in. 

I know, this is not applicable in real business life. So, what are the solutions to fight against the heat in summer when wearing business fashion? 

  1. I always wore a white tank top under my dress shirt. It might be warmer, but it avoids that you can see easily if you’re sweating. 
  2. Unbutton the first button of your dress shirt and untighten a bit your tie. 
  3. Rather choose light material for the suit and the dress shirt but don’t go for linen which would be the best option for summer days but not usable in business fashion. 
  4. Just imagine yourself somewhere cold. Remember a place and time when you were freezing the last time. A little bit imagination helps me to feel cooler. 

And the most important thing: Get your work done as soon as possible to enjoy the beautiful weather to the max. 

Take care & write you soon…



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