We all smile in the same language…

Whitening Stripes: Alpine White www.alpinewhite.ch

Smiling is healthy and has an effect like medicine. It all goes easier with a smile. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. These are just a few of the most common quotes about smiling.

I think, smiling is very important. Sure, I need it in my job, as many of the commercial clients expect a refreshing and real smile. However I love to laugh in private as well. I always try to go through my life with a smile on my face and see the things in a positive way. Obviously, we cannot walk on the sunny side of life everyday. Sometimes there are not many good reasons to smile. Moments in which doubts, sadness and fears are taking over. But exactly these moments challenge us to see the positive things in it, put a smile on your face and look forward with happiness.

Laughing is so good! This is not only my opinion - there is a science behind it as well. Laughing is producing feel-good hormones and if you are laughing in a group even better. Because shared happiness is doubled happiness. In addition laughing is good for your body. Due to laughing you are burning calories without putting too much effort on it, it strengthens your abdominal area and it is just fun.

And a smile has a positive impact on your environment. If you are walking through the streets with a smile on your face, you can infect the people surrounded by you. No matter whether you know them or not, of if they can understand you or not. A smile is understood in every country, region, no matter what culture or origin, as the expression of happiness and cordiality. It is the only language we all speak.

Therefore laughing is an important component in our life. If we have a look at my job, a bright smile is really important. There is a helping tool called whitening stripes which is popular in the model industry. The swiss brand Alpine White stands for a professional and easy-to-use product for everyone. You need to put the stripes on the teeth - they are getting fixed because of the spit. The mint taste just gives you an additional feeling of freshness. After a week of using it, you can already count on seeing a result.

And don't forget: A day without a smile is a day wasted.

Whitening Stripes: Alpine White www.alpinewhite.ch               

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