Vitznau – a quick escape…

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…to the beautiful lake of Lucerne. Vitznau is a little village situated at the bottom of the “Rigi” – a mountain in the heart of Switzerland (which is called the queen of the mountains) and on the shore of the lake of Lucerne. 

Therefore, it’s the perfect little paradise to escape the hectic city for a short or long vacation within Switzerland. It’s only 1 hour car drive from Zurich but it feels like you are far away on vacation. The clear blue lake, the impressive mountains in the background and an amazing hotel such as the 4 star superior hotel Vitznauerhof where you can indulge yourself and enjoy a relaxing time either with sunbathing in their huge garden, swimming in the lake, using their spa or having a delicious lunch or dinner in one of their restaurants. 

One of them is even an award-winning Michelin-star restaurant directly located at the lake with stunning views and an outstanding haute-cuisine. And the best of course is the friendly and welcoming staff, which is to me the most important thing a hotel can offer: a good service. 

I can really say that I love being at this beautiful spot to enjoy some days or even just for some hours. And the best is: watching the sunrise on a beautiful sunny day from their dining terrace . Breathtaking!

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