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…completely plantbased nutrition. As you might know I decided to do a late «Veganuary». Well, what is a «Veganuary» and why late? «Veganuary» is a movement which is done by many people all around the world trying to eat vegan only in the month of January. And I did a late version since I was on vacation until mid of January.

However, I always wanted to try this out and decided to do it when I am back for 1 month, or even more? So let’s talk about my motivation for this project. Why did I decided to do that? What were the reasons? I also heard from friends, you’re just doing it because it’s a trend now. So what? Maybe it’s because of that but more important, it’s because I wanted to try it out. And yes, because it’s a hot topic lately, I got inspired by this and thought more about it. 

But the main reason why I decided to do it is because I am a person who wants to experience new things, get to know new situations and challenge myself. And I wanted to see what it does to my body. How my body reacts? How it affects my daily life? My nutrition in general? My eating habits? My workout routine? Will I still have the same energy? Do I feel better or worse? Questions over questions and so many different opinions from so many different people. 

So I wanted to experience by myself before building up my own opinion. Personally, I think, that you always have to experience things first before you can talk or even judge about it. So this was basically the main reason for doing this project. To see what it does to my body. Of course the positive side effects are also that it is good for the environment and the animals. 

Now, let’s talk about how it was and what my conclusion is. Overall, I have to say I didn’t miss meat or fish, not at all. It was not that I was craving for that. And I felt very healthy and vital during that time. And I was full of energy and didn’t feel tired. Maybe because I got more sleep or even the better sleep because of a plantbased nutrition? I don’t know what the reason was but the result was great. I have to admit that in the beginning the change to a plantbased nutrition was difficult or let’s say the body needed some time to adapt to it and therefore I got some problem with my digestion first which was for one week and afterwards it was all fine. 

But there were also some negative aspects or difficulties I experienced during this period eating plantbased only. The main problem was the fact that I am often traveling and on the road and then it’s difficult to eat vegan or to find plantbased options. Some restaurants just offer then some vegetables or carbs like rice or potatos. So it is hard to find a balanced nutrition when traveling. However, when you have the time to cook at home or to find suitable vegan restaurants than it’s pretty easy. You just have to pay attention, that you eat balanced and get enough substitutes for meat, meaning proteins and vitamines.

So overall it was a good experience and I am really happy I did this. And I also got asked how I will continue with my nutrition and I came to the conclusion that I will eat more plantbased, less meat and in general more responsively. I think that’s the most important thing. Try to eat responsively and with regards to the environment. So I want to hold it quite flexible with eating most of the time vegetarian but with some exception of eating meat or fish when I am invited or in the mood to do so. It doesn’t always have to be either or not, a small step in the right direction is already something good. 

How do you think about this topic?

Take care & write you soon…



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