Unbutton your shirt…

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…to set you free. Well, it doesn’t have to be your shirt in particular but it’s more to picture the expression of set yourself free from all the negative things, which hold you back sometimes from doing more cheerful things, just because you’re afraid of others opinions or reactions. 

But the most important thing is, to always do what you want, what makes you happy. Don’t care too much about others opinion or how they see you. Because believe me, they don’t care about yours too. I don’t mean it in a egoistic or selfish way, but we often tend to make everything for our people around us instead of doing something good for ourselves. Taking some time to reflect and think about what we really want. And if we know it for sure, but we are not brave enough to do it that way, because the others might think it is the wrong way, don’t worry about their opinion - just do it. 

That’s why I meant, if you feel like unbutton your shirt with this hot weather to let your body breathe, just do it! Don’t think, in what strange manner the people will look at you. I mean they will look anyways, so be confident and do what you want and follow your path. 

But important is, to do it always in style. Therefore, I’ve chosen here a light blue skinny jeans with white sneakers. As you know, a white sneaker is always for the win. And then I combined it with a cool and summery short-sleeve dress shirt to give it a more stylish and elegant look but still very sporty. I love all the details on the shirt with the light pattern and the different material on the collar and sleeves. And in summer you can easily wear it both ways, buttoned up or unbuttoned. Just as you feel like. 

Happy stylish summer!

Take care & write you soon..



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