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Watch & Cuff: Daniel Wellington

Sometimes we wish we could turn back time. In either good or bad situations or decisions. As for example: after seeing the weather these days, I’d immediately turn the time back to the sunny Mallorca. But it’s one of the things we cannot do and will never be able to do. What if we could? I guess it would be too simple. If everything could be changed at any time, nothing would have any consequences. We would think less than we do already.

Sure, I’ve also came across some situations where I thought “oh well, that went wrong”, even though we never know what’s really right or wrong. We just assume we know the definition and what’s right/wrong for ourselves. But quite often it’s the total opposite. The things we think MUST be the right ones for ourselves sometimes simply do not happen the way we want. And it’s not because we don’t try hard enough. It’s because it SHOULD not be. Period.

It may sound harsh but I’m convinced of the fact that some things should be and some others simply should not be. No matter how hard we try and work our *** off. It’s as simple as that. I guess there are no rules, whether the easy things are the right things and the rather difficult or even impossible things are the wrong ones. Sometimes this rule fits; but sometimes it’s the impossible goal that brings you on the right track and way further than an easy one. It always depends on our own ambition, persistence, and an amount of talent. And well, don’t forget the luck. We just need to listen to our gut feeling and not our will and ego. Because this feeling shows us everything we need to know, we just ignore it more often than we should. Easier said than done, I know.

Watch & Cuff: Daniel Wellington
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