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Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

We all know that there’s a whole science when it comes to colors. It’s about the meaning of the different colors in terms of psychology. The colors we see have different meaning and we associate them differently. And yes, colors you choose to wear can represent the way you feel. If you know the meaning behind the different colors, you can wear them according to special events like business interviews. You can “influence” people and the way they are noticing you.

So let’s have a look at one of my favorite colors: blue. It is said to be the color of trust, responsibility, loyalty and many other attributes. And well, when we think about companies, which included blue in their logo, we can see that the message is not far from the psychological definition: Samsung, Intel, Ford, VW, IBM and yes Facebook. Just to name a few. Sometimes they differ in the shade of color; sometimes they even use the same kind of blue. And I’m sure the choice has not happened by accident.

Having a look at the trend colors for this spring/summer, I’m happy to see that blue is still in the game. Rich and inky shades are said to be the ‘must’ for all men. The great thing about that color is the way you can combine it. Taking a more “inky blue” coat, combining it with a shirt in another shade of blue like a dark azure, a black basic jeans and that’s it. Every pair of shoes can fit, from boots to sneakers. Really easy and it just looks good without that much effort.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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