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The days are slightly going to be shorter and the weather is changing to colder conditions here in Zurich. What doesn’t sound too exciting for me at all since I love the hot and sunny summer days.

However, there is also a good point coming with it: The adaption of your wardrobe to the fall fashion. It’s just more interesting to style outfits since the temperature let you wear more than just shorts and a t-shirt.

And the trend outlook for the upcoming fall fashion is quite interesting, promising and smart. As shown on the various fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York in the past weeks, the layering look is again state-of-the-art. And it’s just convenient for the colder season since you can easily add or remove a layer according to the current outside temperatures.

A big revival in the fall season 2017 has the well-known necktie, but not only in its classy way. There are no limits of variation in terms of color, shape or material. Very trendy at the moment is a knitted necktie, though.

When it comes to colors it’s changing from the bright pastel colors to the more darker and earthy shades. The chart of color range in the fashion trends is reflecting the nature’s colors such as sand, olive, ocher and brown. Nevertheless, setting a highlight with a bright colored accessory, such as a red tie, is always smart to enhance your overall look.

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