Trenchcoat - a trend coat?

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Well, it’s a good question since trenchcoats aren’t something brandnew - not at all. They’re already seen in famous movies in the 50ies or 60ies worn by iconic actors such as Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart or James Dean. Back then, they were seen as a stylish piece with a classy elegance however it got forgotten over the time. But the classy trenchcoat celebrated a revival some years ago in today’s fashion and on the runways.

And the trenchcoat is still a styling it-piece and totally trendy. What stands out are the various possibilities to wear this clothing piece. You can combine it either in a totally casual look as I did in the pictures with black jeans and a light sweater in olive, which is by the way one of the trend colors in the current season. By doing so you can give your total look a bit of elegance.

On the other hand, the trenchcoat is the perfect jacket for the current fall season to wear it over a suit when the temperatures are getting a bit colder. With suits, it is always difficult when it comes to jackets to wear. In my opinion, there are only two options: Either go for a coat which is rather suitable for the cold winter season or as mentioned wear a trendy trenchcoat, which is ligther and more stylish than a regular coat.

Anyways, having a trenchcoat in camel or dark blue in your wardrobe is never a bad idea. And a fun fact at the end: When speaking about trenchcoats I always have the imagination of a mysterious detective such as Columbo in my mind. Which is quite cool!

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