Summer in the city...
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Our summer here is having a bit of up’s and down’s recently. That’s why I’m not sad at all that I’m able to enjoy some additional summer days in another country soon. My schedule is totally packed at the moment. Therefore, I can’t wait to get some tan again and get a big portion of rest.

Coffee does not ask...
Coffee: Jacobs Kaffee

…where you’ve been last night. Coffee understands. Well, we can see this saying as a funny quote, but we all know, that coffee is doing us something good each day – unless we drink more liters of coffee than water, then it can get quite difficult.

It is a lifestyle…
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Going to the gym is boring! What other kind of sports do you practice? I could never motivate myself for going to the gym! These are only a few terms I often hear or get asked by telling what kind of sports I practice.

Game, set and match…
se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht

…Mr Epprecht. These are the words I want to hear after a tennis match. I am ambitious and I always want to win, not only in tennis, but especially here. I am so passionate about this sport and love to stand on the court and hit some balls. And I almost can’t stop playing once started.

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Yes, this week has been very triste and rainy. So it’s high time for some sunshine again. Because hey, we’re still in summer and I prefer hot and sunny days over cloudy and cold ones. Who doesn’t?!

It is all about self-expression...
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We all know that. We all see and feel the changes. We are all busy with our own lives, rushing from one project to the other, even though we may not even like what we’re doing. With all this mostly negative stress we forget to develop ourselves, we miss the self-expression.