Hey nature boy…
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…are you adventurous enough? Well, that’s a good question, but I’d say yes. I definitely love the nature and I always get impressed how wonderful and unbelievably stunning it can be. So experienced last week when we came up with the idea to shoot at this hidden spot, which was not known some years ago. 

Wet business look…
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…because it’s too hot lately here in Zurich. We are getting spoiled with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius in the past weeks and the sun is shining almost all day long. Which is perfect and I don’t want to complain about it. 

Unbutton your shirt…
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…to set you free. Well, it doesn’t have to be your shirt in particular but it’s more to picture the expression of set yourself free from all the negative things, which hold you back sometimes from doing more cheerful things, just because you’re afraid of others opinions or reactions. 

Soak up the sun in style…
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…and on a beautiful rooftop. Ok, I know, I am repeating myself when I keep saying how much I love rooftops in summer. I think it’s just the perfect place to spend the summer nights, either alone or with a group of friends.

When there are palm trees, sunshine…
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...and fresh Coconut water, then it is summer time! The combination always reminds me of a lovely time in Barcelona, Los Angeles or in another city, where the summer vibes and landscape include a sea as well. And well, I was not in one of this kind of locations as you can see on the pictures

When old meets new…
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…then we’re in a historic and beautiful city like Florence wearing the latest summer fashion by Esprit. I somehow like the mixture of these contrasts. On one side the wonderful background which tells so much history and let you feel like being part of it.