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Outfit: Bally

Usually, I’m not a big fan of white or bright beige trousers, unless I need to wear them during events with the dress code “all white”. But well, in combination with my favorite piece, the leather jacket, which is really tone in tone here, and white sneakers to round it up - I need to adjust my opinion about bright trousers.

When it comes to the leather jacket, I guess there’s no outfit I don’t like. Every outfit combined with a leather jacket is a good one. Or let’s say most of the outfits. Normally, I focus on rather the unicolored jackets but this one is really nice. I decided to wear a basic black shirt below the jacket, but I think that you’re really free when it comes to match a fitting piece. The outfit may also be combined with a simple sweater or even a business shirt; it just depends on what occasion you’re heading to and how you feel well. And well, sneakers. You know I love them. When there’s a “fashion addiction” in my life, I guess it’s the one about sneakers. There are so many variations, colors and so on, and besides that, I don’t know any shoes which are more comfortable.

Finally, what I really like about the whole outfit are the details in wine red, which you can see in the shoes, the pants and a bigger part in the jacket. It proves that tone in tone does not have to look boring. Not at all. I think it’s even more the opposite; the chosen parts of the color and its different extents give some nice change, even though the colors are basically the same. This nuance of red is seen as one of the most important new hues of the ongoing season and we can see why.

Outfit: Bally

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