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…Wednesday! Sure, we all know it’s Valentine’s Day. But to me, it hasn’t got such a big meaning, no matter if I am in a relationship or single. It’s more kind of another marketing day for all the brands to sell their stuff, which is good for the economy, I agree. However, let’s see it as the regular workday it actually is. If you give this day such a big importance, I’d rather say it’s a day, which focuses on love and friendship in general. But just make sure to not only show your love for each other on this day.

And I’d rather turn it around and let’s focus on yourself. It’s a day for every one of us. Treat yourself good; give yourself the love you give others. I just did something for myself during the last days. Whenever I’m traveling to other cities, I just can feel exactly this emotion. Exploring new cultures, meeting unknown people, eating the food from the area it belongs to, strolling through the streets, watching the people passing by, picking up some new words in the foreign language.

All these little things make the difference in the end. As you can see on the pictures, I’ve really fallen in love with these buildings in Milan. The architecture and history behind is just stunning and made me really feel like WOW. The perfection lies in the details and it’s just something I love the most when visiting other cities. To indulge in their culture and architecture which is different from the familiar one at home.

And these are the moments, which matter the most. Therefore, Happy Valen… Wednesday and much love for you!

Take care & write you soon…



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