It’s time to celebrate…

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…festive days in the most stylish and fashionable way. Yes, Christmas is right around the corner. Only two days left. As a child, the waiting time until Christmas eve was way too long and the time was running way too slow. And nowadays? It’s right the opposite. We are rather stressed during the Christmas time with lots of events happening, Christmas dinner and get-together and year-end celebrations. 

And at the same time we need to buy all the presents, finish all the work to have a fresh start into the new year and also find some time for ourselves. All this ends up in time running too fast and so it happens that the night of the nights is already here – Christmas eve. 

Well, I am not that excited anymore as I used to be as a kid. Or for other reasons. In the past, I couldn’t wait to unwrap all the presents, of which we had plenty. Way too many according to my opinion now. However, as a child that was the most important thing and I think as adults seeing that sparkle in the kid’s eyes when they’re getting their presents is just priceless. 

Anyways, nowaydas it’s not about the presents. It’s rather about the time spent in the best and most lovely company – the family. Since I am traveling a lot throughout the year, I really appreciate to have some conscious time with my family and friends. To laugh together, to have good discussions, eat delicious food and also just enjoy the moment or the silence. 

And for me, Christmas and even more New Years Eve is the time to get dressed fancy and glamorous to celebrate these festive days in style. So I’d like to wear a dress shirt or even a suit and a tie or bow-tie. According to the occasion, I always try to find a fashionable solution. 

What about you? Do you like to get dressed glamorous or do you rather prefer the cozy style?

Outfit: Zalando Classic 

Take care & write you soon…



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