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…and I love boots in general. And especially different kinds of Chelsea boots, as you can see in one of my latest posts. I think it’s simply one of the best and most suitable kind of shoes when it comes to fall. And well, the opportunities are endless as seen here.  It’s not a “real” Chelsea boot but there are still similarities.

You know what? Chelsea boots date back to the Victorian era. The shoe was invented by J. Sparkes-Hall, who was Queen Victorias’ boot maker. The patent for this shoe dates even back to 1851. What a long time and we all can see, that this boot seems to be a timeless it-piece in the fashion industry. There are so many shops with different brands and even more different colors and styles of these Chelsea boots.

When it comes to the characteristics, I guess every one of you knows them pretty well. Low heels, rounded toes, ankle length, easily to slip on and off the foot, feature an elastic rubber side ankle. There’s also a tab on the back to make the sliding into the boot even easier. That’s why these black boots below are not really Chelsea boots, they’re more likely the winter version of it with lined inside and a zipper on the side to slip in even more easily. But hey - they are even more comfortable and still easy to combine as the real ones. 

Boots: Ochsner Shoes

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