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…phew, the last days were quite busy. I’m now back in Zurich for a few days. So, I’m happy to have some minutes for myself and write to you. I hope you’ve got some time for yourself, too, and even find a few hours to enjoy the beautiful fall we’re enjoying here in Switzerland. How beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve had the opportunity to create some nice content for Zalando again. It’s again about these two looks: Classic and casual. As we were more lucky this time, we caught a lovely light which emphasizes the colors of the leaves and clothes. I’ve decided to change the surroundings for both outfits a lot. The classic looks fits perfectly in the district of the shopping area and modern buildings where as the casual look got some stylistic incongruity. I did not match it with a modern or even sporty area but the classic and old buildings here in Zurich.  

Classic Look

When it comes to the classic look, I played with the shades of grey, white and black. Quite simple, isn’t it? Take a light grey tailored coat, a darker grey scarf, a white shirt, checked fabric trousers, a black weekender and black business slippers. You know how I love to combine outfits. And well, playing around in the different areas of fashion. I’m pretty happy with the mix & match there. What about you?   

Casual Look

The casual outfit is a total different and contrast outfit, which I love as well. What’s a better match on a sunny Sunday than jeans, sneakers, a hoodie and a jacket? I focused on the simplicity here and not too many colors. The brown …. jacket gives a bit of a variety next to the dark colors. 

Outfit 1: Zalando Classic
Outfit 2: Zalando Casual

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