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Finally, my favorite season of the year is on its way. It’s my personal preference because I love summer time and hanging around without thinking about taking a warm jacket with me. Next to that, I prefer this season when it comes to my job, too. When I’d live in a region, which is warmer throughout the whole year, I could do beach and pool photo shoots all the time – during sunrise, sunset and so on. The possibilities are endless as they are in another location.

With my motivation for this kind of shootings, there are questions, which I’m getting asked. You’re so tanned – were you on vacation? Do you have to be in shape 365 days a year? And how do you do that?

Well, both answers are directly connected to my job and sport as my passion. Thanks to my skin, I only need a few hours in the sun to get a nice tan, so I don’t even need long vacations. But when I’m really strongly tanned, well, then there’s the chance that I’ve been on vacation for some days. When I’m not on holiday and it’s winter, well, then there are some other options to get this tan. For me, a certain tan just gives me a better look and a better feeling for the work.

When it comes to my shape, I need to admit that I do need to be in shape throughout the whole year, as you never know at what time underwear jobs are planned. However, I’m not living on a strict diet 24/7, I just need to have discipline when it comes to eating habits and sports to a certain point. As sport is my passion, this is not that difficult though. But I’m getting back to you about these numerous topics soon.

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