All white - holiday feeling...
Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

Most of the men probably are not fancy about wearing an all-white look. Well, I have to admit, that it takes a bit of self-confidence to do so. However, I love the style because it gets me into real summer or even better into holiday mood

Stay strong...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

…and fight for you dreams. Unconditionally. It may sound kitschy but it really is what brings you to success and closer to your life goals. Success and recognition comes to them who work hard, who never give up and believe in themselves even in sometimes unpromising situations.

You can wear black…
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

… at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. These are strong words from one of the most important men in the whole fashion industry: Christian Dior.

Up's and down's...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

We all know the fact that there are always up’s and down’s. Like the waves in the ocean, which come and go and we don’t know the rhythm exactly. And I guess that just makes life as exciting as it is. You never know the timing of the two different but still positive phases.

The summer stripes...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

Normally, I am not a big fan of stripes when it comes to fashion and clothing. However this spring/summer season stripes are totally in-fashion and can be seen everywhere. Therefore I didn’t want to miss the trend and needed to try it out whether I am going to like it or not.

Always wear what…
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

…you want! YOU. It’s about your life, so you decide. Not your parents, your brother or sister or your friends, not the magazines. Sure everyone can give you advice in case something really looks unflattering to you and you don’t seem to notice it or you can get inspired by the latest fashion trends.