All I want for Christmas is…
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Well… What do I want? I do have everything I could wish for and I’m really grateful for that. All I can wish for is time. Time… Well, what a word these days, isn't it? Something we all want to have but no one really got. So I just wish a lot of time and that the time is not running that fast as it does actually. In the end, I just think that it’s quite simple. It’s just a matter of priorities – nothing else. 

The After-Christmas-Workout plan…
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Every year around the Christmas time I am trying to resist all these delicious temptations. Without any success. I mean there are literally everywhere possibilities to eat cookies, chocolate, gingerbread, chestnuts, waffles and so many more tasty things. And I somehow just have to follow this smell of delicious Christmas sins in the air.

A wonderful dream (holidays are coming)...
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«There's a source of inspiration in the air. Let the magic dry your tears and heal your heart. A wonderful dream of love and peace for everyone. Of living our lives in perfect harmony. A wonderful dream of joy and fun for everyone. To celebrate a life where all are free.»

I guess that’s one of the most famous songs during Christmas time and to be honest one of my personal favorites.