It is all about self-expression...
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

We all know that. We all see and feel the changes. We are all busy with our own lives, rushing from one project to the other, even though we may not even like what we’re doing. With all this mostly negative stress we forget to develop ourselves, we miss the self-expression.

You can wear black…
Steven Epprecht - SE signature style

… at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. These are strong words from one of the most important men in the whole fashion industry: Christian Dior.

Scent for the senses…
Fragrance: Bentley Momentum

Don’t you know this situation when a person is rushing by and you just smell her/his scent and it immediately reminds you of a familiar person as for example your mother, your teenage girl-/boyfriend or your math teacher of the primary school.