Body and soul...
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There are uncountable quotes about body and soul and suggestions about how to keep the balance between your mind, body and soul. And of course most of the advices are right and it’s truly important to find your inner peace and balance.

Being creative...
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…and at the same time a little bit adventurous – that’s what I love. It doesn’t have to be a high-risk thing all the time, but the variety is what makes life exciting – isn’t it?

Take me to the beach...
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Finally, my favorite season of the year is on its way. It’s my personal preference because I love summer time and hanging around without thinking about taking a warm jacket with me. Next to that, I prefer this season when it comes to my job, too.

A peaceful place...
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For me, the kind of place you can see on this series of photos is always an invitation to reflect.

Arrivederci – with sun in my luggage…
Suitcase & Backpack: American Tourister by Samsonite

All good things come to an end. Today, it was time to get back home after an exciting but intensive week on our journey through Italy. This kind of trip was organized for the first time. The goal behind the idea is it to bring the most successful Swiss influencers together.

It’s about the combination…
Outfit: S. Oliver

Hello everyone from sunny (and warm) Sicily!