Pumpkin Spice Latte, please...
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Fall time means pumpkin time. Not only when it comes to my beloved pumpkin spice latte or the Halloween night. Next to sweet chestnuts, pumpkin is clearly one of the must-haves during every fall. When the days are getting shorter and the nights longer.​

Easy like Sunday morning...
se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht

I’m sure you all know this song by The Commodores and written by their former lead singer Lionel Richie back in 1977 – and still a song, which is heard everywhere. A lovely evergreen I’d say.

How to spend a Sunday…
Loungewear: CALIDA

I love Sunday’s. And I even love it more, when I am off and have no work to do. Well, no work doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything at all. I still need to do some paper work, picture selection or writing on new blogposts. There is almost no day without doing anything.