Hey big (su)spender...
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Who doesn't know this song - performed back in 1967 and one of our beloved everygreens. But no, I'm not writing about music or the "spender" in the song but the "suspender". Well, it’s not the first time I’m writing about how I like the dandy look.

Lucerne - the tourist...
se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht

For this week’s photo session, I decided to change the location since Switzerland has so many different beautiful places to discover than just my home town Zurich. So, we travelled to the heart of Switzerland and the city which represents that wonderful country perfectly – Lucerne.

Suit (and tie)...
Outfit: JUCAN tailor-made

Spring seems to be around the corner and for me it is time for colors. In addition to that, suits shall be a trend, which is predicted to continue this year. Navy and charcoal might be the most common suit colors this season but brighter and more festive colors are gonna be the eye catcher as well. Patterns like plaid suits or paisley tuxedo jackets are also part of the topic.