Ecco Shoes – when a shoe is more...
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…than just a stylish accessory! Indeed we should care more about our shoes and finding the right ones and not just treat it as an accessory which should match the whole outfit. Don’t you think?

Basel - things never turn out…
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…the way you expect. You all may think blah blah and roll your eyes about this other piece of wisdom here. However, we still all know that it is true. And it doesn’t matter in which area. You can plan all the details, include all the risk potential and still it sometimes all goes in another direction.

Back to old school...
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…and remembering the good old times, for example when I was in school. I was quite a good student to be honest, but surprisingly I didn’t like the sports classes that much. You may not believe but I wasn’t that sporty back then.

These boots are made for walking...
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…and I love boots in general. And especially different kinds of Chelsea boots, as you can see in one of my latest posts. I think it’s simply one of the best and most suitable kind of shoes when it comes to fall. And well, the opportunities are endless as seen here.  It’s not a “real” Chelsea boot but there are still similarities.

Summer in the city...
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Our summer here is having a bit of up’s and down’s recently. That’s why I’m not sad at all that I’m able to enjoy some additional summer days in another country soon. My schedule is totally packed at the moment. Therefore, I can’t wait to get some tan again and get a big portion of rest.

“Italianità” influences Men’s Fashion
Shoes & Accessories: Ochsner Shoes

When it comes to fashion, the Italians are always a step ahead. Therefore there is no better place than traveling to Milano to get inspired about the latest trends for spring/summer 2017.  So I did in the beginning of this year for modeling and working on new projects for my blog.