New Years Festive Fashion inspiration…
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…or what to wear to celebrate the New Year. Well, it might be not really celebrating this year, or at least not celebrating like we are used to do it. 2020 – what a year! A year we won’t forget that easily. A year our children or grandchildren will still speak about. A year which will make its place in human history. 

Goodbye 2018, nice to meet you 2019...
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It's time already to open a rather new book and fill in the numerous blank pages. But first, it’s essential to look back and analyze the last year. Regardless of whether it felt extraordinary good or incredibly bad. For me, it was another year that went real quick, there were downs but many more ups.

New Year - new beginnings...
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Welcome to 2018! A new year has just begun and I hear everywhere about the new resolutions of the people and how many things they want to improve to get a better person or whatever and there is just one word: Stop!

Good Morning 2017! Don’t talk about it – do it...
Nightwear: CALIDA

Right at the moment, you can see many quotes and New Year’s resolutions wherever you may look at. People are talking about their personal resolutions – even about the same or similar ones every year. But why?

When the sun goes down… Goodbye 2016!
Outfit: Tigha

This time, when the year is coming to an end, it’s like watching a beautiful sunset. Seeing how the sun is slightly going down and disappearing behind the hills and a beautiful year is coming to an end. And then the day after a hopefully even much more beautiful one will arise.