Street style meets nature...
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Can you imagine going on a hike in fashionable and fancy clothes? Well, not really! When hiking then I prefer to wear functional clothing and that might be not as fancy as the street style I am wearing usually. But hey, who cares?

Frozen – impressive mother nature…
Outfit: Branko B, Zurich

You don’t know how much I love adventures and seeing new and unseen spots out there. It just makes me feel great; getting inspired, learning a lot of new things every time and it keeps me young. Sure, I’m still young, but you know what I’m talking about.

London – pure Relaxation!
Styling: Scotch & Soda

An international city is always known for its hectic drive. So where and when do we find the time for recreation and relaxation? Is it possible at all to escape the stressful daily routine in such a big metropolis to find your peace and calm? Of course! You just have to know how…