The fashion editorial style might not…
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…always be your favorite style but still you have to wear it with pride. It belongs to a job as a model to wear the clothes or to present the products with confidence, even though sometimes it isn’t something you would have chosen.

Milan - waking up…
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…in a different city. Do you know this feeling of waking up in the morning not knowing where you are, what time it is and what’s on the plan today? Questioning yourself if you are still dreaming or if it’s reality?

Milan – the Italian way of life…
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People who know me, also know that I love to pretend to be an Italian. I mean, I kinda look like one, don’t I? And I always try to speak Italian and claim that I am very good at it. And to be honest I am bad, but I am good with speaking with my hands. At least something Italian-like, you see.

Today, it's Happy...
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…Wednesday! Sure, we all know it’s Valentine’s Day. But to me, it hasn’t got such a big meaning, no matter if I am in a relationship or single.

“Italianità” influences Men’s Fashion
Shoes & Accessories: Ochsner Shoes

When it comes to fashion, the Italians are always a step ahead. Therefore there is no better place than traveling to Milano to get inspired about the latest trends for spring/summer 2017.  So I did in the beginning of this year for modeling and working on new projects for my blog.

Milan – beyond borders…

My time here in Milan has come to end – but only for now. I need to go back to Zurich for a busy week of shootings in Switzerland and Germany. However, I am looking forward to be back soon in this sunny and fashionable city.