A love letter to this years’ fall…
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After having an amazing summer here in Switzerland (and in many other countries) we’re just observing a not less wonderful fall. Apart from the fact, that the temperatures are many degrees too high for this time of the year (most probably due to an increasing and developing climate change), the sun simply does like to shine these days. So often and warm, that I am even sweating while shooting outside, which is usually only in summer the case. But, to be honest, I do not see any reason to complain here.


60K Sunday Brunch – the perfect start…
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…into the day. Lately, we are growing so fast on Instagram and as you might know I’ve reached 60K. Well, soon we will even reach the 70K. I am very happy to have such a lovely and great community. 

Coffee creation with the new Philips Series 5000…
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May I serve you the most delicious and the creamiest cappuccino? Well, you already know, I love coffees, any kind of it. But do you also know what my favorite one is? Yes, the cappuccino. And why? Of course, not because of healthy reasons, no.

50K #FREEYOUR goals...
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That’s the main thing about every month (and week) I guess. October is always a lovely month. Yes, because of my birthday, too. No, just kidding. As a summer kid, I prefer the months June to August but October may also be a pretty nice month.

Where is my happy place...
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As you all know, I’m open-minded and curious when it comes to traveling, meeting new people and seeing new places. I think it really keeps you young. I love to see nice hotels but I also like to spend time in small places and the nature’s beauty, which can have a more special aura than the most beautiful architectural building.

Into the wild...
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…this exactly how I felt when taking these pictures at the beautiful location called “Affenschlucht” in Neftenbach, which is near Winterthur in the Canton of Zurich. The past days I showed you some photos of this wonderful location and former hidden spot, which gets more and more famous.