Denim Monday motivation...
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…to have the best possible start into the new week. Yes, we all do have problems with Mondays from time to time and yes I already talked about it what to do for not having any problem with Mondays at all. And I don’t want to repeat myself again and again here.

The Dance Zurich - a night to remember...
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…and to dance together all night long. Exactly a week ago, I was invited to The Dance Zurich 2018. It’s only their 3rd edition but it has already become the 2nd biggest dance competition in the world where 10 of the world best dance groups battle against each other. Therefore, the night promised to be a good one.

Get the energy kick – fitness supplements and more…
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To start right away: I cannot tell you the perfect solution when it comes to supplements and workouts in a general matter. Even if I would love to. Everybody reacts different, every person needs a specific workout for their muscles and proportions, everyone needs different meals and supplements to achieve the personal best form.

Summer BBQ – that time of the year again…
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Is there something more beautiful and cool than enjoying summer nights on a lovely rooftop in the middle of a city you like with great company and good food? I guess no. During summertime, BBQ nights are simply one of my favorite things on how to spend my free summer evenings. 

Herzlauf – show heart, take part…
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…for a good cause! This is something which is really important to me and an affair of the heart. And I am part of it since it all started in 2012. My friend and former Miss Earth Switzerland Irina de Giorgi founded this charity run back then to help children in Switzerland with heart diseases.

I’m sitting here…
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…not in a boring room but on a lonely stairs but still being happy. The song “Lemon Tree” of Fool’s Garden is coming to my mind so often. And I think, you all know the song.