Body and soul...
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There are uncountable quotes about body and soul and suggestions about how to keep the balance between your mind, body and soul. And of course most of the advices are right and it’s truly important to find your inner peace and balance.

Stay strong...
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…and fight for you dreams. Unconditionally. It may sound kitschy but it really is what brings you to success and closer to your life goals. Success and recognition comes to them who work hard, who never give up and believe in themselves even in sometimes unpromising situations.

Up's and down's...
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We all know the fact that there are always up’s and down’s. Like the waves in the ocean, which come and go and we don’t know the rhythm exactly. And I guess that just makes life as exciting as it is. You never know the timing of the two different but still positive phases.

Back to the roots – be an original…
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The year is slightly coming to an end. It’s that time of the year when it gets darker earlier and colder more often. It’s almost Christmas time. Although I always try to avoid this pre-Christmas thing in that early state I have to admit that I love this Christmas spirit in the end.

We all smile in the same language…
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Smiling is healthy and has an effect like medicine. It all goes easier with a smile. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. These are just a few of the most common quotes about smiling.

For me personally, smiling is important. Of course because of my job too since many of the commercial clients expect a refreshing and real smile. However I love to laugh in private as well. I always try to go through my life with a smile on my face and see the things in a positive way.