Are you ready for my routine...
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That was the question I posed to the two winners of my give away since I reached the 30k followers on Instagram. And they answered right off the bat with a YES.

Veggies and more...
se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht

Being vegetarian or vegan is nowadays totally trendy and almost everyone seems to live that healthy lifestyle. Personally, I am not vegetarian nor vegan, however I really understand and accept all the people pursuing these eating habits for whatever reason it is. Every human being is different and so are their preferences when it comes to food.

Mykonos Vibes – take me to the white island…
Outfit: Scotch&Soda, Location: Hiltl Dachterrasse

I am sitting here on a rainy day. It’s already June. I am looking out of the window but I can’t see anything but a dark sky. Nothing reminds me that we are supposed to be in summer here in Zurich.