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…or how important it is to get enough protein on a daily basis if you want to build up muscles. Every athlete needs proteins and those in a good quality. It’s crucial to increase your lean muscle mass, to reduce your share of body fat and to maintain your muscle tissue.

Get the energy kick – fitness supplements and more…
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To start right away: I cannot tell you the perfect solution when it comes to supplements and workouts in a general matter. Even if I would love to. Everybody reacts different, every person needs a specific workout for their muscles and proportions, everyone needs different meals and supplements to achieve the personal best form.

Protein snack - healthy and delicious...
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This week is about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. And besides working out, the most important and most difficult part at the same time, is the nutrition. It is known that for example abs are made in the kitchen. To get in shape and to have a lean body only 30% comes from your workout and 70% comes from what you eat.