Trenchcoat - a trend coat?
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Well, it’s a good question since trenchcoats aren’t something brandnew - not at all. They’re already seen in famous movies in the 50ies or 60ies worn by iconic actors such as Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart or James Dean. Back then, they were seen as a stylish piece with a classy elegance however it got forgotten over the time.

Change to fall...
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With the falling leaves, fall is coming and well, winter is not that far away. The temperature in the morning and after sunset (in case the sun was shining) is quite cold already. Even if I’m not really sensitive when it comes to colder temperatures, it’s better to change to some typical fall and therefore warmer outfits now.

Bern - the capital style...
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The capital of Switzerland, a small city in the heart of the country. Compared to all the other big capitals around the world is Bern quite small, but not less beautiful. Even more beautiful, I think. Due to the small size, it has its own charm – and quite a lot of it.

Sunday shopping...
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It’s probably not a surprise but I love shopping. Well, according to my job as a model and blogger I almost need to. However, I have to admit, that I am often not in the right mood. To me, planned shopping trips with friends often turned out that I don’t buy anything but advise all my friends in their shopping experience instead, what I like too, though.

Fashionable nerd...
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Check shirts and glasses are out and nerdy?! No way, not at all. When it comes to fashion there are almost no boundaries. It’s always a question of how to combine the different styles. I personally love to add some retro pieces when putting together new outfits and styles.

Dress for an Event...
Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

Usually, that is not a big deal really. Chic, casual or a mix in between. But there’s one exception. Hot summer days and nights, in which the temperature doesn’t even decrease to get some fresh air in your home.